SUPAskills is a breakthrough in the testing and measuring of soccer skills. It was invented by Craig Johnston, former Liverpool FC Midfielder, who designed and patented the award winning Adidas Predator soccer shoe.

Using The Johnston SUPAskills Test, players and coaches can evaluatate strengths and weaknesses by focusing on the four fundamental skills of soccer.
Control, Pass, Dribble, Shoot
Johnston developed a truly fun and engaging system that provides benchmark analysis for uniform statistics. This methology turns SKILLS into SCORES into STATS with a simple formula.
Distance + Accuracy + Time = Analysis
For the first time ever, players and coaches know exactly what skills and techniques they have at their disposal. This breakthrough information can be tracked over time and compared with other players to pin-point strengths and target areas that need work. Most importantly, this information can be used by players to help them truly master the game of soccer.

SUPAskills has been invited to participate in the November 25–27 Silverlake Girls College Showcase, and you are getting this unique opportunity to test your skills and see how you measure up. Race the clock! Race your teammates! See how good you are and how good you can become!

Sign up now and turn your SKILLS into SCORES into STATS with SUPAskills.
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